What are the positives and negatives of Whatsapp?

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I'm thinking of getting this app, what are the good and bad things about it yabbers? Shall I get it?

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  1. I truly do hate whatsapp it's a useless application when compared to the blackberry messenger it just seems like a waste of space there are many negatives the first negative point about using whatsapp is the fact that anyone that has your number is now your friend it gives you no privacy and the feel isn't the same like blackberry and imessage

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  2. Can't think of any positives, sorry. Negatives - it's slow, unreliable as it doesnt always deliver your messages on time, no display picture, no status updates etc

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  3. Positives you can talk to everyone using android, blackberry, iphones
    Negatives everyone with your number can speak to you, invasion of privacy!

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  4. Positive- the emoticons. Negative-It doesn't always deliver the message.

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