What is Zayn Malik's Blackberry Pin?

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what is the bbm pin of zayn malik from one direction? anyone know his pin please :(

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  1. Zayn's pin is 2771CE69

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  2. I take it this zayn malik celebrity from one direction only gives his pins out to trustable people, and not the fans dont think youll get his pin sorry to say :S

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  3. I doubt no one knows. But even if people do, they wouldnt tell other people. Coz then fans would start to add him and stuff! ;) Lol. Good luck finding out what is is... and if you ever find out... which will be hard... tell me;) x

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  4. Sorry rose he too big headed celeb he wont leak his pin out like that! otherwise he'd be getting a new blackberry every week! or daily after that!

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  5. If you know him then he'd give it to you, doubt he'll give it to fans.

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  6. It will b hard 2 find out wot his pin is and if I cud eva find it then I wudnt give it out 2 any 1 cos then all his fans will all b adding and like sum1 else sed he wud probs ave 2 get a new blackberry every week sorry!! X

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  7. as if zayn malik will tell his fans his blackberry pin lol imagen having 1 million bbm contacts that would be a complete nightmare

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